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2.0 introduction 2a think, do, get 2a.i future pacing 2a.ii intention, attention, skills 2b.i rate & structure of change 2b.ii ladder of change 2b.iii identity as coach 2b.iv trusted advisor 2b.v rank & status dissipative pop 2c.i all heart, no hands 2c.ii selecting a coachee 2d.i black holes 2d.ii authentic conversations
3.0 introduction 3a pacing & leading 3a.i pacing out objections 3a.ii pacing values 3b wisdom training 3c getting on with people
4.0 introduction 4a why people don't perform 4b luck & performance 4c creative & innovation 4d giving feedback
5.0 introduction 5a.i constants & variables - explained 5a.ii constants & variables - procedure 5b.i problem solving - procedure 5c.i logical levels - explained 5c.ii logical levels - procedure
6.0 introduction 6a structure of questioning 6a.i quality questions 6b qualities of a listener
7.0 introduction 7a model of the world 7b vak 7b.i eye patterns 7c.i communication style 7c.ii frame of reference 7d.i decision making 7d.ii making meaning 7d.iii analysis 7e.i organization style 7e.ii task approach 7f.i coaching style 7f.ii project orientation
8.0 introduction 8a structure of emotions 8b balance conversations 8c stress management
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